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SCSL Dedicates 
Beautiful New Gym

October 7, 2021

St. Catherine - St. Lucy School hosts over 100 guests at Dedication Ceremony for their new gym and Tutoring Center. “We’re very fortunate to have a lot of people who believe in us and a lot of partners who support us,” Leamy said. “Believe me, without the support of all those partners and without our teachers and staff all coming together and working together, we would not be in this space. There’s a lot of people that have really pushed our school forward.”

Click HERE for more details.

SCSL / Fenwick High School
Enter Historic Partnership

April 19, 2020  Mrs. Leamy and Fr. Peddicord  at the Signing Ceremony

St. Catherine - St. Lucy School and Fenwick High School entered into a historic partnership bridging the eight block distance between the schools.  Fenwick has pledged $100,000 in scholarships for SCSL graduates wishing to attend Fenwick and $100,000 towards constructing and equipping the new “Fenwick Center for Educational Excellence” to be built this spring.  Click HERE for more details.

Our Very Own Principal Mrs. Leamy Recognized for Prestigious Award!

April 23, 2019 Dr. Rigg and the Office of Catholic Schools present Mrs. Leamy with the  John the Baptist Innovation Award

 This award is given to principals who are unafraid to innovate to improve their school. Like John the Baptist, they “Stick their Necks Out”, taking risks (including metaphorical decapitation) through courageous decisions and creativity. Not only have award recipients innovated, but their efforts have succeeded in positively benefitting the students in their care.

Mrs. Patterson's Classroom Highlighted as Model Classroom By Leap Innovations

Mrs. Patterson's classroom at St. Catherine - St. Lucy Catholic School is a Learner Led, Learner Focused and Learner Demonstrated haven for students, featuring student-managed supplies, learning pathways, various flexible seating options, brag tags, and more.  Click HERE for a virtual tour.

Brush Creek Ranch STEM Scholars return from Saratoga, Wyoming


As part of the Big Shoulders Fund, 5 of our middle school students participated in a STEM program that focused on Earth Science enrichment.  Students took part in monthly field trips to museums like The Shedd Aquarium and the Peggy Notabeart Nature Museum.  The program culminated with a week-long trip to Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming.  Congratulations to our St. Catherine STEM Scholars!

St. Catherine's Welcomes the Mayor of Oak Park

Posted 2016

St. Catherine-St. Lucy students and faculty welcomed Oak Park Mayor Adnan Abu-Taleb as he toured one of the oldest Catholic schools in Oak Park.  Students shared their class work and asked important questions like, "what does a mayor do?"  Thank you Mayor Adnan for your time!

Congratulations to our Teachers & Staff winning the Croghan Teacher's Award!

Posted May 20, 2016


There are moments in each teacher's day when they look back and reflect on the successes and challenges that present themselves through the bright eyes of each student.  We are blessed to have a culture that encourages a student-centered environment where each child can operate successfully in our caring classrooms. We are proud to say that our students find success in their daily work as well as in their standardized exam.  The Croghan Teacher's Award recognizes the success of our students in how they performed versus how they were expected to perform on these stanrdardized exams.  We could not be more thrilled that our teachers were awarded over $40,000 in cash and our school was awarded $43,000 in scholarship funds.  BRAVO!

Dominican University Donates School Supplies!

Posted September 1, 2016


As part of Dominican's community outreach program, Carlos Diaz and his staff drove a small busload of school supplies for our very grateful St. Catherine's students.

Class of 2017

Posted June 1, 2016


Congratulations to the St. Catherine - St. Lucy Class of 2017!  You join a prestigious group of alumni that look back on their academic foundation here with pride. Over 80% of our graduates have selected to go on to a Catholic high school and we are confident that continuing their education in a Catholic school environment will mean great things for their futures!  Good Luck and Godspeed!

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Brush Creek Scholars

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