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Welcome to Mr. Kennedy's 7th Grade Classroom!

7th Grade ELA & History

Welcome to the 7th grade!  I am the history and English/Language Arts instructor for our middle school.  Our curriculum for each 6th, 7th, and 8th grade is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards and focuses heavily on literacy and writing development in each subject area.


This is one of the most important academic years for your child as we look forward to high school.  This is a year of preparation both academically and spiritually as each student reflects on where their future will take them. We are fortunate to send most of our graduates to some of the finest Catholic high schools as well as selective enrollment schools in our area and in the state.  In order to help our students achieve these academic goals, it is important to remember that their grades and test scores from their 7th-grade year are at the top of every high school's list for admission.  Stay connected to important information related to springtime shadow days specifically for 7th graders at our local high schools as well as our own high school night each October.  Watch for updates on my website or email me at 

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